Welcome to ABIDE


It is with great pride and excitement that I welcome everyone to Alliance for Brain-Gain and Innovative Development (ABIDE). I thank you for choosing to be among a community of friends promoting and contributing to Ethiopia’s brain gain for sustainable development. We are an institution that strives to encourage and facilitate the engagement of Ethiopia’s Knowledge Diaspora (EKD) for Ethiopia’s growth and development. We want your hearts, minds and hands to create the Ethiopia you envision with your knowledge, skills and networks.

ABIDE is a pioneering Ethiopian indigenous organization with a focus on human and institutional capacity strengthening by facilitating brain-gain for national development. ABIDE operates in partnership with development forces in and outside of the country, especially with like-minded institutions and individuals who are passionate about developing their country of origin.

ABIDE connects the Ethiopian Knowledge Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia individually and as groups/institutions, with professionals, institutions and projects in the country for institutionalised, synergistic and sustainable partnership.Through these partnerships each one of us in the country and abroad could jointly contribute to Ethiopia’s accelerated socio-economic development, positive social change and prosperity of the Ethiopian peoples through effective knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

ABIDE opens and creates opportunities for win-win collaborations. It serves as a link and a platform to facilitate systems and processes for effective communication and exchange between professionals and youth in the country with Ethiopians abroad, for win-win collaborations. By sharing your skills and knowledge as a member of the Ethiopian Knowledge Diaspora and by facilitating processes as an institution within the country, we can create a two-way educational, socio-culturally and economically beneficial exchange while we enjoy the gratification that could be derived from joint action for a common goal; the sustainable development of our nation and the prosperity of her citizens.

We can do our part for our country of origin, our nation and her people!

I look forward to work with you and warmly welcome you to learn more about ABIDE and engage in this movement!

Dr. Tewabech Bishaw

Founder and Managing Director