Who we are

Abide was established and registered under the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice in January 2006 initially as Hibret LeLimat Makel (HLM) and was officially launched by the Ministry of Capacity Building on March 2007. Later in November 2009 it was re-registered as Alliance for Brain Gain and Innovative Development (ABIDE) under the Ethiopian Societies and Charities Agency.

Rationale and Purpose


  1. Out-flow of highly qualified and experienced professionals from Ethiopia over the last four decades denuding the human capital leaving institutions and sectors with a dire need for such manpower;
  2. Recognition by Government of Ethiopia and institutions in the country and also members of the Ethiopian Diaspora on the unique role they can play in the country’s development;
  3. The need for enabling policies, strategies, systems and mechanism to enhance institutional preparedness and effectiveness of Diaspora participation to maximize benefit from sustained collaboration.


  • Create institutionalized system for incremental channeling knowledge Diaspora resources for capacity development and social change;
  • Re-establish dialogue between professionals in and outside the country for synergistic partnerships;
  • Enhance two-way enriching and rewarding benefits in scientific, economic, social and educational capabilities;
  • Foster network among youth in the country and outside through collaborative engagement for lasting partnerships;
  • Introduce tested and emerging know how, skills and technologies that are relevant in accelerating the growth and transformation;
  • Support growth and transformation and contribute to attenuating brain drain.