Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Can you tell me briefly about Alliance for Brain Gain and Innovative Development (ABIDE)?

Answer: ABIDE is a pioneering Ethiopian indigenous, non-profit non-governmental development organization with a focus on brain gain. It is registered under Societies and Charities Agency and operates in partnership with development forces in and outside the country. ABIDE aims to facilitate the full mobilization and effective engagement of Ethiopian knowledge Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia with Ethiopian professionals and institutions for sustainable capacity building through knowledge exchange and technology transfer.

Question: How can I become a member?

Answer: ABIDE is open to all Ethiopians, people of Ethiopian origin and friends of Ethiopia who are willing to support Ethiopia’s development and who upholds the vision and mission of ABIDE. Membership is open to anyone who wishes to participate in Ethiopia’s brain gain and who registers. Members are expected to pay membership fees annually that can be paid by mailing a cheque or mailing money order or direct deposit in the organizations account.

Question: How can I donate funds to the organization?

Answer: ABIDE welcomes any donation in the form of financial payment, one time or in installment without obligation for membership. Other types of donation can be in the form of equipment, books and other supplies computers journals to strengthen ABIDE and for institutional capacity building in the country.

Question: Does the organization work in partnership with others?

Answer: ABIDE works in close collaboration with development forces in the country and outside; with individuals, associations, and organizations up holding the vision, mission and objectives of the organization. It partners with community members, young persons, students, NGOs, professional associations, societies, public and private organizations, government ministries, research, service, academic and educational institutions and special groups who promote, support and participate in brain gain and related.

Question: How can I volunteer to support ABIDE?

Answer:Â Â Volunteers participation is an important input to the effective functioning of ABIDE inside the country and abroad. Anyone who wishes to volunteer their time, knowledge and skills could link with the contacts. Please see address of contacts.

Phone:+251 911 756888 , +251 912 2108881

P.O.Box : 11966 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia



Question: How can I support ABIDE?

Answer: You can be a member and promote brain gain. You , someone you know, or the institution that you are affiliated with can contribute to Ethiopia’s brain gain and capacity building by creating partnership between institutions and professionals abroad with those in Ethiopia., through knowledge and experience exchange through short term engagement in Ethiopian Institution, and via financial, material and technical support for ABIDE.