Membership Rights and Obligations

1. Any person or organization interested in the development of the Ethiopian people and committed to the vision and objectives of ABIDE is eligible for the membership. Categories of membership and rights and duties pertaining there to including the right to vote or any limitations shall be determined based on the fee structure established by the Board of ABIDE.All individuals holding membership in the organization shall have the right to be elected for office and may have such other rights and benefits as the Board may from time to time determine. At least fifty percent of the members entitled to vote shall constitute the general assembly to convene meetings annual or otherwise.

2. Membership shall terminate automatically without the necessity of the Board whenever any member fails to pay membership fees for three consecutive years without giving explanation that is acceptable to the organization. In its discretion the Board may determine if any member appears to have acted in violation of articles and bylaws.

3. Volunteer

The achievement of the objective of ABIDE is dependent on Volunteers;

Many facilities and institutions in the country experience shortage of qualified personnel. But you can make a difference to improving the livelihood of the Ethiopian people by participating in sharing your time knowledge and skill in identified priority areas. Using ABIDE contact address indicate your areas of expertise and the kind of support you are able to give. Your volunteerism may be in the form of skills, virtual or through visits, or in terms of material and technology required for institution building.